Household Shifting


Household Shifting :-

  • Carefully wrap frames, glass and other fragile ornaments
  • Wrap upholstered furniture (sofa bed) with blankets and wraps
  • Remove curtains and accessories, fold and pack securely in boxes
  • Disconnect electronic equipment, including television, radio, computers, fridge / freezer, ranges, washing machine and store in a suitable carton or packaging
  • Uninstall the AC unit and reinstall it safely

Changing homes can be a tedious task for many people living on the subway. We have many years of experience at home. Bangalore, which is the heart of the state, is still blocked by the traffic and makes the change of house a big problem for you. Thanks to our experience, we will facilitate this work.

Although a number of companies offer internal services, Bangalore has only some of the best companies in the industry. We have an extensive network in the capital and a rapid transportation system to complete the work on time.

Moving the house includes moving objects from the current house to the next house. Therefore, during this shift, you must be very careful when wrapping your items. Our staff takes care of your items. We encourage the brutal treatment of furniture and other objects. We carefully pack each item, from the small vase to the big showcase.